women series - one field farm


A big box of delicious greens - fennel, cauliflower, dill. This was my bounty from last week's adventure to go and visit Meg. In the spirit of using our business to meet interesting women, I went to 'One Field Farm' to see Meg's field, her new venture in Crantock. 

A Woven Plane – socks for women - journal – food cupboard at One Field Farm
A Woven Plane – socks for women - journal – One Field Farm, farming in check print dress


A large poly-tunnel, a giant Brassica patch, newly-planted garlic, in before the frost, and a big patch of leaves. Meg has transformed the field into an edible stretch. All these skills and confidence to give it a go were in part gathered during her stint as ‘Girl Friday’ (watch her Do Lecture) when she traded skills, butchery and baking to name a few, all over the world and wrote about it in a journal. Her passion for planting and growing, and all the hard work that comes with it, I find completely great. By selling small amounts of produce to local restaurants, who are conscious of eating seasonally, and doing a small veg box scheme she promotes good food and humble living.

A Woven Plane – socks for women - journal – exploring One Field Farm
A Woven Plane – socks for women - journal – picking the produce at One Field Farm
A Woven Plane – socks for women - journal – old sun lounger at One Field Farm


Out in the field, we talked about living in her mum’s shed to afford her new venture, plans for a farm shop and her friend the robin who follows her about the garden yet poos all over her chair. The last bit being my favourite souvenir of the visit. I left with this thought - doing something different and doing something well has lots of wonderful moments but there are also the hard bits, the day to day, and that sense that you have to keep going. On the upside, she gets to drive a truck.


You can find Meg online @onefieldfarm or @girlfriday

Thanks for having me meg, and I hope you enjoy our socks after a long day in the field.