The Ottowin Shop


The Ottowin Shop


When you sell socks and then meet someone who sells pants (pico.project), then they introduce you to someone who makes shoes (ottowin) and they then create a shop with lots of ethically made, beautiful designs from small independent businesses and invite you to be part of it, it’s good.



The Ottowin pop up store was born from lots of conversations, conversations with and about similar sized brands who have strong values and make beautiful products, all connected socially in the south west but because of high street stores and high rent prices find it difficult to retail. Designers Lucy and Olly found a beautiful spot, decorated it, kitted it out to be an incredible retail and social space, found a way to make it work and then filled it with good stuff.


One of the hardest things we find about shopping ethically, is accessibility. When you want a new jacket or a pair of shoes, how do you find them? Stores like this one, I hope are on the increase, and this is a good model for small businesses to follow. So instead of going to a high street chain where things are reproduced by the thousands, we can find a product that we trust. We can know where it came from, who made it and how and with what. We can chat about why it’s needed in the world, where it all began and understand and appreciate all the labour and skill that goes in to making and manufacturing.

Pico pants


Wearing clothes made this way has really changed my relationship with the things I own. A day wearing my pico pants is always a good one. My OB dress, that always attracts everyones attention, allowing me to sing the praises of the talented woman behind it, still looks brand new, hangs incredibly and has saved the day about 100 times when I have a last minute event or meeting.


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So, go pop your head in and see all the wonderful things, say hello and keep your ear to the ground for events/ talks that we all hope to put on over the summer in this wonderful space.

Thanks Ollie and Lucy!

Brands involved are

Brands involved are …


Ren London

Project Pico

Ob Wear

Tamay and Me

Henri London


Jay harper

Polly Collins

Zm jewellery

Printed goods

Rosie Carmichael

Jessie rose illustration



Sarah Johnson