daily essential - socks all year round


socks are seen as a winter product, or a festive gift, and its not that difficult to understand why - we did ourselves for most of our lives! by the second of january, the new spring/summer collections are being revealed and discussed. we all want winter to move along on its merry way but the reality is it's 23 february and it is still cold. it'll be cold in most parts of the uk for quite some months.


socks themselves are a great christmas gift. it was definitely one of the many reasons why we started this project: we were tired of getting bloody awful socks for christmas! but, again, in reality we wear socks for most of the year and not just for christmas. with this in mind, we decided against bringing out a spring/summer collection this year. our first range, our core range, comes in three natural colours that we think will work all year round. 


more importantly, they are made from 40% merino wool. we started sampling our socks in january 2017 and received our first batch in july 2017. we wore them almost continuously save for the few super warm days and it was not strange. when the warmer months come and your feet are that bit more moist, the merino wool will move that moisture away from your skin and keep your feet feeling fresh.


there is a tendency to make styles and clothing ranges obsolete after a season. making products out of better materials, with longevity of style in mind, could arguably disrupt that cycle. not only is the concept becoming more and more indefensible (we have way too much waste in our world), more and more women know what they want to wear regardless of what is trending. Here's to good socks as a daily essential.