women want socks.

women don't wear socks.

This was the first conversation with my grandma when I told her I was starting a sock company. what a thought? women don't wear socks. who said? why? when was this decided? so many questions. she didn't mean it in an unkind way - that was just her experience. Most women didn't wear socks until after the war when stockings were in short supply. She now has a pair of our socks and hand washes them with pride. 

A woven plane – sustainable socks – ‘grandma socks’
A woven plane – sustainable socks for women – ‘grandma socks’

As the oldest members, and women, in our respective families, we decided to capture our grandmas together, as two of our first wearers. 

We listened to them chat about the war, about houses, about families, about socks. If socks can act as a catalyst for conversation and stories, and can bring people together just to drink tea or even just give us more time with our grandmas, then we feel we are heading in the right direction on our journey.  

A woven plane – comfortable socks for women – ‘grandma socks’
A woven plane – easy to wear socks for women – ‘grandma socks’
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