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socks for women

We are here to make good socks for women. The kind of socks that are a good start to the day, that make you want to do great things. And we’re serious about them - the way they look, the way they feel, and how they age.

So farewell to the saggy heeled sock, the hole in the toe sock, the sock that used to look amazing and now looks like a pair of curtains. And here’s to wonderful socks for women.



This rises from a long woody divided root, a little fibrous. The shrub is covered with a brown tough bark; and the young shoots are of a greyish green. The leaves are numerous, and of a firm substance; they are oblong, narrow, sharp-pointed, not at all indented at the edges, and of a very frangrant smell; they are of a very beautiful green on the upper side, and of a silvery grey underneath. The flowers rise in great numbers from the bosoms of the leaves toward the upper part of the branches; they are large, and of a pale blue, variegated with white. The seeds are small and oblong. The whole plant has a frangrant and aromatic smell; it is lighter and more delicate in the flower, and stronger in the leaves. The taste also is warm and aromatic, and not disagreeable. Culpepers complete herbel